Dialogue, Ahoy

I love dialogue. I love writing it, I love reading it, I love, love, love it. My favorite romance novels have a hero and heroine that exchange witty, believable banter.

One time when I was in creative writing class we were given the assignment to write a story using only dialogue. No dialogue tags, no description, just one hundred percent dialogue that made sense and formed a story.

I really enjoyed that assignment. It was a challenge, definitely, but dialogue is so much fun.

But, a publishable novel cannot be written on dialogue alone. That’s unfortunate for my current story. I love the way my hero and heroine interact. As I write, I find myself going for pages with almost just dialogue; I then have to go back and add description, emotions, backstory, etc…

It’s kind of frustrating for everything else to feel so forced, but at least something is going right!

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