Oh, There’s a Heroine Too

Two chapters into my WIP, I have begun to realize something. Something I’m not sure I would have been able to realize without my invaluable CPs comments.

Sometimes, I don’t pay enough attention to my heroines.

In romance, this is akin to self-sabotage really. I have finally learned my lesson about making my heroines likable (even when tough and feisty and not a push over), but sometimes I tend to gloss over what the heroine is feeling. I don’t know how many times in the past few weeks my CP has encouraged me to add more introspection somewhere… and it’s almost always in the heroine’s POV.

In my last WIP, I just blamed it on the fact that it’s part of a series and the hero is actually the family member of the series family. It made sense I tended to focus more on what he was doing and feeling. For this WIP, though, the opposite is true. And yet, I’m still glossing in my first write through. (Of course, part of that also goes back to my dialogue obsession).

Luckily I have a great CP whose comments always help me see the error of my ways, and then I get to fix it!

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