More New Things

So, like I said last week, each WIP has its own process that is unique to the book. Sometimes that unique things becomes a part of my overall process and stays, sometimes it just works for that one book.

One thing that has popped up this WIP that’s actually been very helpful is a new way of listening to music while I write. Usually I listen to a playlist I have created for my particular WIP, but what I’ve found myself doing with my current WIP is using a song that really evokes a scene, and listening to it on repeat while I write the scene.

Sometimes I get to a point where I’ve tuned the music out, so in tuned am I with the writing. But, when I get stuck or lost, that particular piece of music can draw me back in not just to the book as a whole, but to that particular moment.

I like this new “technique” and am continually floored how many new “techniques” I come up with. I’ve wanted to be a write since I can remember, but I’m learning there is always more to learn, always tweaks to your process.

(I think I need to start naming my WIPs on here; I am confusing myself).

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