Friday Reads: Julie James

I posted a few Fridays ago about Something About You by Julie James being one of the best books I’ve read in a while. And I thought I’d emphasize just how much I liked it, because a week later I bought and downloaded another James novel… A Lot Like Love… and then immediately after I finished that one I downloaded and read Just the Sexiest Man Alive (and read that one in a day, staying up until 2am to finish). I’d buy the only other novel I haven’t read by her, but I’m out of money, so I have to wait until Sunday when I should get some birthday money.

I can honestly say the only other author I have devoured with such intensity is Nora Roberts. And Julie James has now joined the great Nora on my auto-buy list… and that is a short list. (As in… two).

So, if you haven’t read a Julie James novel yet, I would definitely recommend it. A Lot Like Love was probably my favorite.

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