Danger Zone

I have entered the “danger zone” on yet another submission. I call it the danger zone because, well, you know it’s when the waiting starts to turn you into an email obsessed nut… pushing your child and husband out of the way just to get to the computer to see if in the fifteen minutes you were outside you got… THE email… not that I’ve done that or anything.

So yes, I now have two submissions in or way past their suggested response time. I’ve given up on the first, really. Not that I don’t think they’ll respond, just that I don’t think they’re going to respond at any point in the near future. After seven months of waiting, it’s hard to maintain the enthusiasm to hear what they think. I’m sure I’ll be giddy should they ever respond, it’s just hard to remain excited about it.

The second one just enters its 12-16 week response time today. So there is, of course, four weeks of tortured waiting time ahead… and of course those guidelines are no guarantee. As I’ve learned, it could be way longer. (I really, really hope not).

Anyway, should my twitter feed turn to gibberish and I post about nothing beyond stalking my email box, you’ll understand that the danger zone has won.

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