For the past three weeks I have been way ahead on my blog posts. I had so much to write about. Now, for the second day in a row I am at a loss.

Most of April up to the last week, I spent writing a lot each day. The past two weeks, I’m lucky to get in a paragraph or two a day.

A couple weeks ago, I had a clean house and felt like I was marginally on top of things. Now, my house is a disaster and I feel like I’ve got a hold on… oh, nothing.

It’s funny, but I go through these cycles all the time, and yet I always think once I get to that on top of it feeling that I’m finally going to find a way to make it last. So far, not so much.

I wonder if it’s me. Or if that’s just the nature of… life. I wonder if it’ll change, or if I’ll be constantly going through these cycles. But the incurable optimist in me always seems to think… one of these days, I’ll have it all together.

But, I’m not sure anyone truly does.

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