I Want it NOW

Every couple months (or weeks) I go through a little pouty stage. While I’m writing, mothering, cleaning, etc… my mind is in a not-so-good place. I call this place the Veruca Salt place.

Because I want it and I want it NOW.

I have officially been waiting 224 days to hear back on my medical partial–that’s 32 weeks. On a partial. (I have emailed them since to make sure they have it/got it, but still cannot seem to receive any clear confirmation from an actual person with my actual manuscript).

I am nearing the hundred day mark on my other submission.

And I’ve reached one lone week on my latest submission.

There is a rational part of my mind that can deal with the waiting a majority of the time, but this year especially each month seems to have a day or two of me mentally stomping my foot and demanding something happen.

Of course, my inbox remains empty and in a day or two I move on, get a little lost in my current WIP, and put the waiting into the back of my mind.

But today? Today, I am a pouty little girl really wanting something. Preferably NOW.

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