Hard Work

My current WIP is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever tried to write. There are multiple reasons for this: I’m hoping it has enough oomph and words to be a single title, I’m using a setting that’s actually real, this is a story I love almost as much or more than any other story I’ve ever written, and the list goes on.

Also, I’ve now worked with my CP on two full novels of mine, and I’m starting to see and understand some of the mistakes I tend to make in my writing. Beyond that, I’m starting to try and rectify those mistakes the first go around… which makes for longer time writing.

But the bottom line is, I am having a hard time. For example, I rewrote (I mean wrote, deleted, wrote again) the second chapter three times before even sending it off to my CP. I have NEVER done a total rewrite of a chapter even once before sending it off to my CP.

I was starting to get frustrated with this process, starting to doubt myself. I even had a couple moments where I thought maybe I am just not ready to write this story. It’s too hard. Maybe I need to put it away until I am a better writer, more mature, more established, published, agented… etc. etc. etc.

Then I really thought about that. Yes, this story is hard to write. Harder than any story I’ve written thus far, but… maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m really growing as a writer. Maybe that’s a sign that the output is going to be better because it was more of a struggle. Maybe… maybe it just means I need to keep pushing because on the other side of this hard work is something important.

They say in exercise that when it gets hard that’s when you really need to push because that’s when your body is going to change (not that I’ve ever stayed with any exercise regime for more than a few weeks to find out). But, maybe the same can be said for writing. By giving up, I’m not changing. I’m letting myself stay where I am… and I don’t think any writer wants that. All writers strive to get better.

So, I’m really hoping all this hard work pays off and the story comes out better than anything I’ve written up to this point.

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