Friday Reads: Author Obsessions

When I find an author I like, I tend to get a little obsessed. I am one of those readers who will follow an author religiously, even if I don’t like everything they’ve written.

My favorite non-romance author is Barbara Kingsolver and I have read almost everything she’s written. And, without reading, I will easily buy one of her books (or ask for it as a gift if it’s in hard back). Her latest, I haven’t been able to get through, though. But, you know what? I’ll still buy the next one.

Same for Nora Roberts. I bought Black Hills and The Search in hardback (or got as gifts), and even though I wasn’t blown away by either, I still asked for Chasing Fire for my birthday. And, I’m glad I did because it was much better than the previous two.

Then, I got hooked on Julie James and devoured her small book list, and actively wished she’d published more before I started reading her. She hasn’t published anything I haven’t liked yet, but if she did, I’d still probably buy the next one because I loved the first five so much.

My newest auto-buy author is Karina Bliss, who writes for Harlequin Superromance. I’ve previously talked about What the Librarian Did and Here Comes the Groom. I decided to hunt up some of her older titles and am currently devouring Mr. Unforgettable. Per usual, Ms. Bliss has drawn me into an emotional, funny, realistic romance that I don’t want to put down. After I finish this one, I’m sure I’ll go buy a few more of her older titles as well.

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