I already wrote that… didn’t I?

75% of the time I am thinking about whatever my current WIP is. Washing dishes, watching TV, laying in bed, taking a shower, playing with the baby, my mind is a reel of what I would want to be writing if I could be at the computer at the time.

So, sometimes, I am positive that I have written something down–a line, a paragraph, every once in a while an entire scene. I’ve played it over so many times in my head that I’m absolutely positive I wrote it down at some point.

And yet, I can’t find a written version. At first I blame my organization, or the computer for eating part of a file, and then I come to the conclusion that… maybe I never actually wrote it down at all.

It makes me feel crazy, and maybe I am crazy. Maybe my mind needs to take more breaks from WIP-land.

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