Go Cards

I am a huge baseball fan. I love the sport, everything about it. People are often surprised by my baseball knowledge(and by people, I mean guys), but it’s something I have loved since I was a little girl.

So, of course, in my stories my characters tend to watch baseball, or have a discussion about it in passing. I also like to sneak in jokes about baseball on occasion. And by jokes I mean making fun of the Cubs.

You see, even though I grew up in Iowa and Chicago, I have never been a Cubs fan. First, I was a Giants fan because my Dad liked the Giants. Then I was a White Sox fan because they were pretty good when we lived in Chicago, then when I was thirteen we moved to St. Louis and after one trip to Busch Stadium I was suddenly a converted Cardinals fan… and I’ve never looked back.

In my current WIP, my two main characters were having a very sobering conversation, but I snuck a little Cubs joke in for fun.

“Let’s talk about something really stupid.”

“I think the Cubs are going to go all the way this year.”

It’s probably one of my favorite lines of dialogue I’ve ever written, because it gives me a giggle each time I think about it.

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