Something I’m really interested in on a personal level is the local food movement. I am not a big foodie or anything, but after reading authors like Barbara Kingsolver and Joan Dye Gussow, among others, I have tried to become more… conscious of where my food comes from.

(I’ll still eat a Twinkie and drink tons of soda. I’m not totally crazy).

So, this year my husband and I decided to try out a CSA. That’s Community Supported Agriculture where you buy a “share” from a local farmer and for a set number of weeks you get a delivery of local, farm fresh foods. We were already buying our eggs and red meat/pork from a local farm, mostly, so this seemed like the next logical step.

This Saturday was our third pickup, and I have not been disappointed. Even though I am a really picky eater, we have managed to use a majority of the food we’ve gotten and, best of all, I have tried new things and we’ve eaten way more vegetables over here. The mixed asian greens made a great salad. I made kale chips with cheese that my husband loved. Both were items I’d never tried before. We got the teeniest little strawberries that were delicious. Neither of us were particularly fond of bok choy, but I discovered that I don’t hate radishes. (I don’t love them either, but hey).

So far, it’s been a really fun experience, and I plan on working a CSA business into one of my future books. 🙂

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