Taking a Break… or not

So, on Friday morning I wrote this big long post about how I was done with my MS, quite happy with it, confident in it, etc. I was quite sure now that this new, challenging MS was done that I needed a break. My house was a mess, I want to start querying more than just a select few agents, I’m taking a workshop in July, etc. etc. etc.

I wasn’t going to start a new WIP. Not until I got my house clean and took my son to the pool and, again, etc. etc. etc.

By Friday evening, I had gone back on each of those promises. I started a new WIP. First I just did a little character sketching, then some plotting, then the next thing I knew I’d written 1,000 words.

I wish I could care about housework about half as much… even a quarter as much as I cared about my writing. (My family probably does too). But, I couldn’t resist. I just love writing too much.

I do need to make a conscious effort to put housework first at least one or two days a week or I’m going to end up drowning in dirty dishes and my kid is going to be called Pigpen at school. I also need to make some specific strides in doing the query letter/synopsis/submitting thing for this new MS over the course of July.

BUT, I’m a writer. And writers need to write. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

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