Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth, Everyone!

I have to admit to being a bit of a fun hater. I’m the crabby lady muttering about loud noises every night this past weekend as my neighbors set off loud fireworks way too close to my house while I was trying to put my son to sleep. I’m writing this on Sunday night, at 11pm, and they’re still going strong. (I also complained a lot on Twitter. If you follow me, I’m sorry for being the crabby fun hater via tweet).

Still! Baby and I enjoyed our weekend with my family, and are super excited to actually get to hang out with hubby today. Hubby and I have been together seven years (as of tomorrow) and this is the first Fourth of July he has had off work!

Hope your fourth is full of family, fun, and food! (And if you’re outside the U.S, not celebrating the fourth, enjoy your firework free evening!)

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