Funk Officially Busted

I usually save my links for Friday, but I already have awesome links for Friday and since I’m sure most of you will have already read this link, I’m going to go ahead and post it today.

This is a link to the Q&A Dear Author did with Maya Banks. (Make sure to read the comments too. Some great questions and more great answers). And after reading this, I officially declared my funk BUSTED. Because it reminded me of a couple things I’d forgotten in my woe is me.

I want to quote my favorite part: “I think if you’re willing to put in the time, study the market, be persistent, don’t screw around or be wishy washy, then yes, it’s realistic to be self-sufficient as a writer. Others will disagree, but here’s the thing. No one waved a magic wand and “gave” the most successful authors their careers on a silver platter. I don’t know of a single successful author who didn’t work their ass off to get where they are. No one gave me anything. I’m not a special cupcake. If I can do it, anyone can. I came up with a business plan, stuck to it, and worked my ass off on a daily basis and still do.”

It’s easy to get knocked down by rejection, by wait times, by every other thing under the sun, but of course it all comes back to your writing. No one is more or less special than me, published or unpublished. There’s no sooper sekrit magical wand that taps a lucky chosen few on the shoulder and says, you shall be published.

It takes:

1. Hard work

2. Persistence

3. A good attitude

I believe I have all three. And I believe that over time those three things will get me published. Does this mean I expect to make the kind of money Banks is making? Does this mean I expect to become the next Nora Roberts? No.

But, I love what Banks says about this: “But the fact is, most people want to know what is POSSIBLE. Hell, I would. When I startedwriting, I wantedto know what I COULD make. No way to know what I WILL make, but hey, if somebody else has done it, my motto is why can’t I?”

I’m going to write that in big letters and tape it somewhere I can see. If someone else has done it, why can’t I? Doesn’t mean I will. Doesn’t mean I won’t. What it boils down to though is HARD WORK is the ONLY thing that will get me anywhere.

Pouting isn’t hard work. Bemoaning my lot in life isn’t hard work. In fact, whining is pretty damn easy. Even easier with things like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes those things are necessary, every once in a while you have to wallow in a little self-pity. As my CP once brilliantly told me, feeling bad is okay… because it shows how much you want it. If you could shrug off every rejection without ever feeling bad, there’s some kind of passion missing.

But funks have to be temporary and short lived if you ever want to reach your goal. I consider mine officially busted.

You know, until the next time.

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