August Goals

Hey, it’s August! Luckily, I am not a teacher anymore so typing that doesn’t make me break out in hives.

My focus for August is editing. I took Angela James’ Before You Hit Send workshop this July, and while it totally kicked my butt… it kicked my butt in a good way. I’ve got lots of information to apply to two of my MSs before I send them off into the slush. I can’t recommend this course enough, and there’s another one in September. So, if you’re looking for a good workshop where you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth, this is definitely it.

Second, I need to finish my current WIP, which was supposed to be finished in July. Sickness took me down and really, there’s no rush. I’m almost done.

Lastly, I need to try and decide what to enter into New Voices in September. So many ideas, but which one is the best? I remember agonizing over this same exact thing last year.

Right now I have 1 query, 1 partial, and 1 full out with agents/publishers and 1 contest entry. I *should* hear back from all of those this month. (Yikes).

What’s your August look like? What are your goals this month?

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