Since I have whined enough on this blog about it, I feel I should probably tell you I did finally hear back on my medical revise and resubmit partial. Though it was not a request for a full, there were some pleasant notes in the rejection both in what I did right and what I can work on. Notes like that are gold, even if it isn’t the end result you wanted.

In the end, I am not all that disappointed. My writing has come a long way in the past eleven months. I wonder if it’s possible to get to a point in your writing where you look back at something you wrote a year ago and aren’t surprised by how far you’ve come. The point is, it was the best I could do at the time, but it’s not the best I can do anymore.

I’m down to having only three things out right now. Publisher, agent, contest. The first two I have no timeline on, and the third I will know by the end of August. Hoping for some good news soon.

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