In Between

I am in between WIPs right now and trying to decide which direction to go. This is new for me. Usually I have millions of ideas and have a hard time narrowing down to one. This time? I really just don’t even know what direction to go in. Nothing strikes me as an exciting next project.

I think I’m hitting a turning point in my writing. It’s basically been a year since I started to seriously submit to contests and publishers. I’ve written quite a few novels, gotten some good (and not so good) feedback, but I’m still here. Pretty much where I started. Sure I’m a better writer than I was, and I’ve learned and gleaned experience from the last year, but in terms of what I’m trying to accomplish… I’m in the same spot.

I’m okay with that (mostly), but what I want to do in the next year is find some focus. I want to set out a plan for myself, even if that plan changes. I want to create some specific steps to keep marching towards my goal not just write, submit, write, submit, write, submit.

The problem is… I’m not sure what I want that focus to be, and I don’t want to jump into the next novel until I have a clearer focus.

So, that’s where I’m at. Writer limbo.

Come back tomorrow for a big (non-writing) announcement!

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