New Internet Time Suck: Pinterest

If you’re susceptible to internet time sucks so much so that it interferes with your writing or your life, look away! Just kidding. This internet time suck could actually help your writing… if you don’t get easily distracted. 😉

I don’t know how to explain Pinterest other than awesome. And I guess “virtual bulletin board.” As I’ve been thinking about ways to decorate the baby room, been trying to get more organized, been trying to come up with things to make for dinner other than spaghetti and baked chicken, Pinterest has been a fountain of ideas. I’m not by nature organized, crafty, or good with design/decor, so it’s a good place for me to get inspiration.

Pinterest can also be a good place to put your book inspiration. I’ve only tried it for one of my WIPs once, but I think it’d be really helpful especially if you are writing a setting you’ve never actually been to or something you don’t know a lot about but did a lot of research on. It can put all visual inspiration in one online place. And you can look at it and glean inspiration. For example, here is the one I put together for one of my WIPs. There aren’t tons of pictures, but a few pieces of the inspiration behind bits of the novel. (And my first attempt to put a celebrity picture as hero inspiration).

You can find all my ‘boards’ HERE. And if you join (or you’re already a member) you can follow me.

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