Slice of Life Thursday

Instead of just whining about my writing woes, I’ve decided to add a few features to the blog. One such feature will be sharing a bit of my oh so fascinating life. (Did ya’ get the sarcasm there?) and hopefully get back in the habit of taking more pictures again (once my camera returns from my Grandma’s house in Iowa where I managed to leave it over Labor Day weekend).

Yesterday & today I have been dog sitting for my Mom. I love my Mom’s dog. I mean, look at this face:

My husband is allergic, so no dogs for us. My son LOVES dogs, so it’s great that Violet is a) small and b) puts up with a toddler screaming in laughter every time she moves. (Or screaming in terror every time she barks).

Since we were at my Mom’s for the majority of the day yesterday, baby had to take a nap without his crib. Usually getting this kid to fall asleep is like pulling teeth and involves a lot of wiggling and sitting with me. Well, today he flat out had no interest sitting with me, so I spread a blanket out on the floor and asked if he wanted to lie down.

He collected his bear, and the two bottles of sprinkles he’d sniped from Grandma’s cabinet and within five minutes was asleep on the blanket. Color me shocked. We might always spend nap time at Grandma’s if that’s how easy it is.

Really, sleep is what my life revolves around right now. And speaking of sleep, I feel a nap calling my name.

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