Friday To-Be Reads

I’ve been collecting titles I want to read for my upcoming vacation. I haven’t downloaded these onto my Kindle yet because I know once I do I will want to immediately read them instead of waiting for the 20+ hours I’ll be in a car or the times when hubby will be off doing some serious hiking that my poor pregnant body won’t be able to handle.

So far, I only have a list of three:

1. Good Girls Don’t by Victoria Dahl. I love her contemporary romances.

2. Stand-In Wife by Karina Bliss. I loved the first in the series, Here Comes the Groom

3. One Good Reason by Sarah Mayberry. I already mentioned she’s my favorite Harlequin author, and I really enjoyed the first in this series, The Last Goodbye.

So, what else should go on my list? I’ve read one Jill Shalvis book and I really liked it, so I’m going to look into finding something else by her. I’ve never ready any Susan Elizabeth Phillips, so that might be an option. I’d also like to try Kristian Higgins, but it seems like all her books are in first person which I really do not enjoy. I’m also somewhat tempted to read Stephanie Bond’s Baby, Come Home. I didn’t really like the first in the series even though the premise is intriguing, so not sure why I’d want to take another stab at Bond, but that’s the lure of a series for you.

One thought on “Friday To-Be Reads

  1. As your CP, can I make a request? Read some SEP, please. She’s my rockstar, and knowing who I want to be when I grow up might help you make more sense out of me when I can’t make sense out of myself. 😉 I don’t LOVE everything she’s ever written. (I won’t go that far.) I do enjoy–in the grand scheme of things–everything she’s written though. Something about her books makes it hard to leave the characters behind. Of course, she started writing long ago, so some of the books are dated (socially and from a writing perspective) and you’ll have to keep that in mind. Otherwise, she’s not what I’d call a quick read…she’s a get-lost-in-another-world read, and I think that’s something current contemporary romance writers are missing. We want quick, quirky, fun and easy, but like I said in a blog post, that’s like eating fast food every meal. Every once and awhile you need something “real.” 🙂


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