Thursday Slice of Life: 18 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 18 week mark in my pregnancy. I’m finally at that stage where I am starting to look pregnant. Strangers might think me a bit chubby, but friends & family are definitely starting to notice the belly.

At my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, my doctor started asking me about what I wanted to be different about giving birth to my second child. Is there some way to make second child magically appear without doing the whole pain thing? If so, count me in. Also, I am so not ready to be thinking about labor. I still have 22 weeks left! (23 if this baby is anything like my son and simply refuses to leave).

In writing news, I sent my first round of edits off Tuesday. I’ve gotten the next little chunk to work on, but this week is crazy busy so I haven’t had time to work on them yet.

I am paranoid that my release day is going to come dangerously close to when I’m due, but I won’t know my release day until all rounds of edits are done. All I can do is wait. (And be paranoid, of course).

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