The M Word: Marketing

Even though I do not have a release date for my book yet, I still have to start thinking about marketing.

I’ll admit that marketing is definitely something that intimidates me. I am a naturally shy person, and I have a hard time going out there and saying to the world… hey look at me and what I did!

Admittedly, the internet makes things easier, but you’d be amazed at the times I have agonized over whether to reply to someone’s tweet on twitter, or how should I exactly approach this person on a message board. I’ve gotten better, bolder, but even in cyberspace it’s hard for me to be the person that initializes a conversation.

That being said, I am dedicated to being a successful author. This is what I want to do with my life, so even when things make me uncomfortable, I am going to get over it and do what needs to be done to build my brand, build my business. Because as much as writing is an art form, as much as I love the creativity that goes into creating characters and plots, selling books is a business.

I thought this article from RU last week was such a great resource. Though it’s geared toward the debut author, I think any author could glean some information from it. And, who doesn’t love a checklist?

Right now, I’m starting to focus on my “author brand” and “promise.” So, you’ll likely be seeing some blog changes in the near future!

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