Politics & Romance

I hate politics. Really. I can’t watch debates because the raging stupidity, ignoring the question, pandering makes me want to tear my hair out. I hate how both sides seem so gung ho that their way is the only right way and everyone on the opposite side is stupid.

I hate how issues get turned political, I hate how every protest seems to make everyone good v. evil.

I have too rational view of the world to believe it’s black and white. To believe everyone on one side is stupid, wrong, evil while everyone on the other side is intelligent, right, good. There is grey everywhere.

So, I can’t quite explain why my first published book will feature a politician (heroine) and a political journalist (hero). They just appeared to me that way. I can’t explain why I enjoyed writing their story, or why I enjoyed making two people fall in love while politics and their own insecurities kept getting in their way.

Despite my heroine being in the midst of her campaign for state senate, the story isn’t really about politics. It’s about the choices we make, it’s about trust, and love, of course. And the fact that good people do exist.

So, I guess that’s why I love it. And I guess that’s why politics is a good backdrop for the story. Even when it seems that politicians are evil, government corrupt, and that nothing will ever be fixed, there are other more important things in life.

Things that are genuinely good.

People that do genuinely try to do the right thing.

And most of all, love.

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