Thursday Slice of Life: Parks & Rec

Happy December! Wait… it’s December? Ahhhh! I love the holiday season, but it’s amazing how quickly time passes in December. I’m not ready. Hold me.

Besides the zooming of the days and the lack of my Christmas decorations being completely up, today in slice of life I wanted to talk about my favorite TV show right now: Parks & Rec.

I love Amy Poehler since her days on SNL, and admittedly when I watched the first couple episodes of Parks & Rec years ago I was very underwhelmed. It was NOT funny, but something happened in the past few years so that it is not only hilarious, but they have a lovely little romance going on.

While Community and The Office have underwhelmed me this season, Parks & Rec continues to make me laugh and happy clap. If you haven’t watched this show yet, you should!

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