Friday Reads: All They Need

You know what I love? When an author continues to deliver book after book of exactly what you’re looking for. For me, that author right now is Sarah Mayberry. I’ve read a handful of Mayberry’s SuperRomances this year, and one or two of her Blazes. I love her voice, her style, her realism, and her ability to make a romance wonderful, enjoyable, and exactly what I want to read without uber-angst.

In All They Need Mayberry continues to bring exactly that. I’ve mentioned before my favorite romances are those that aren’t laden with horrible black moments of pain and suffering, but more realistic challenges faced head on by two rational, if a little wounded, adults who love each other, even when it’s hard.

All They Need is exactly that. It’s exactly the kind of story I want to read, and exactly the kind of story I want to write. It seems so real. It makes you cry, it makes you clutch your heart and swoon a little, and in the end you can believe these two characters will be together in their happy ever after forever.

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