Over the past year I’ve done a lot of posts on finding my process. Sometimes it was about things that really stuck and worked, sometimes it was about things that faded away. I’ve talked about the writing process evolving and trying new things.

One of the big epiphanies I had over the past few weeks was that I had let go of a big piece of my process that had worked for me. Since dropping that piece of my process (consistent feedback from my CP) I had become less productive, less confident, and overall unsuccessful.

Sometimes we stop doing a piece of our process without realizing it. Sometimes we drop it for some other seemingly rational reason. I don’t know how many things I tried doing before I realized the missing ingredient was not something new I’d never tried before, it was something I used to do quite successfully.

So, I went back. I got back in that groove. Only two chapters in, and I already feel ten times better than I was feeling. The NaNo novel that seemed so terrible, so horrifically odious while I was pounding out word after word doesn’t seem so unsalvageable. In fact, it seems to have a lot of potential.

If you’re feeling like your process isn’t working for you, thinking back to a time it was. Is there something you’ve walked away from you can go back to? Sometimes we can’t, but when we can, sometimes the old is a better answer than the new.

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