Thursday Slice of Life: Holiday Baking

Two years ago, I was very, very pregnant with my son. Since my due date was Dec. 23rd, and I was a teacher frantically grading essay finals before I went into labor, I decided to start my holiday baking early and freeze what I could.

I realized this was an amazing idea. Why had I not thought of it before? So, last year I did the same, and this year I am trying to be even more organized. Right now, I have three different types of cookie dough in my freezer. I hope to add some truffles this weekend, cook the cookies next week, and then make a few things that can’t be frozen in the days leading up to Christmas.

While I am not a big cook (because I am a very picky eater), I love to bake. When it comes to sweets about the only thing I don’t like are nuts or baked fruits. So, this is one time of year I do enjoy looking at other people’s recipes. Not just for ideas, but also because it’s interesting to see what other baked goods people have as part of their holiday tradition. So, my Christmas traditional baking includes:

  • Chocolate Krinkle Cookies
  • Sugar cookies
  • Peanut Butter Blossoms
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
  • Dark chocolate truffles
  • Corn Flake Christmas Tree wreaths
  • Kringla (a sweedish sweet roll)

My Mom usually bakes the Swedish Rye Bread (mmm, so tasty). I probably won’t try my hand at that this year, but one of these years I will.

So, what are your holiday baking traditions? Any good cookies without nuts or fruit to pass along?


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