2011 is just about gone

I’m sure some people get tired of other people’s end of the year posts, but I always love seeing what people have accomplished in a year, and what they hope to accomplish in the next. I often find it inspiring.

That being said, this is my end of the year goals post, probably mostly for myself. (How would I remember what my goals were for this year if I didn’t have my blog post from December of last?)

So, what did I accomplish in 2011?

Goals for 2011

1. Write 3-4 books again. Check. 4 complete novels.

2. Sign a publishing contract. Done!

3.  Be more organized with my writing time (in other words, schedule baby-free writing time). There were times I was, but mainly I failed at this. I’m okay with that.

4. Continue to maintain this blog. I think I did fairly well with this.

5. Continue to grow as a writer. Intangible, yes, but I feel as though I did. I did a workshop for the first time, I continued to write and read and learn and grow.

So, overall, I met the majority of my writing goals for 2011. GO ME.

Now, for 2012 Writing Goals

1. Finish 2-3 novels. Since Baby #2 is due in just two months, I think going for 4 would be a bit much to ask. I’d love to get there, but I’m not going to hold myself to it. Kids and sleep will be coming first for a while.

2. Develop a marketing plan for All’s Fair in Love & Politics before its release in May.

3. Sell another book.

4. Join RWA (which I will be accomplishing in a few days with the help of some Christmas money).

5. Continue to develop my blog to be a marketing tool for my writing.

Non-Writing Goals for 2012

1. Get into some level of physical fitness after Baby #2 is born. Like, enough that I could go on a backpacking trip with Hubby and not get left in his dust.

2. Read 50 books. (I came close this year).

3. Make better use of our CSA portion this year.

4. Watch less TV.

5. Find a better, more organized filing system that works continuously. (This has been a perpetual resolution since I moved in with Hubby 6ish years ago. I’m still searching).

I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve, but 2012 is almost here, ready or not. Hope it’s a happy one for everyone!

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