I think we’re finally kind of almost over the plague of January 2012. Hallelujah!

Now that I’m finally feeling mostly better, I’m trying to get things done to prepare the house for Baby #2’s arrival in 2ish months. Cleaning, organizing, going through Child 1’s stuff to see what’s still useable. I’m making progress. Not great progress, but progress nonetheless.

Then there’s my professional life. I finally joined RWA, I’m working on a second Kapshaw book, I have two submissions out, and I’m trying to start planning some marketing strategies for All’s Fair in Love & Politics‘ May release. (There’s a lot going on between now and May. I’ve got to get started!)

And then there’s this two year old constantly demanding my attention.

So, when I get some free time… Otherwise known as nap time… It’s always an argument with myself on what to do.

Do I work on the house? Baby #2 isn’t going to care if I’ve organized his clothes or not, but it’ll make my life a lot easier when he arrives. Do I write? I consider writing my job, and god knows the months after Baby #2’s arrival wont allow me much time for it. Do I prepare dinner, have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband/mother/friend?

There are no real answers to these questions. No “right” answers anyway. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it any easier to decide what to do.

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