100 words or 1 step

Whenever we visit my Grandma, she asks about my son’s schedule. When I tell her he resists every schedule known to man, she nods and smiles and I can tell inside she is freaking out. No schedule? Perish the thought!

Seriously though, I would love for my child to conform to a schedule. But he doesn’t. So, writing becomes… You know, whenever I get a chance. No schedule, no rhyme or reason. I can’t imagine a second child is going to help matters.

So, this past week, I started writing in little 100 word sprints. Kid is playing with his trains? 100 words. Lunch time? 100 words. Nap times? 100 words between each cleaning task.

It’s only been a few days, but it’s working surprisingly well. I think after each chapter is finished I’ll probably have to go back and check to make sure they make sense, but it’s the most consistent writing I’ve done in a while.

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