Goodbye January

Today is the last day of January. Here in Missouri, it’s a crazy warm 60 degrees. This winter has been warmer than any I can remember. So much so that it doesn’t quite feel like January or 2012 or that New Year’s Resolutions were made a month ago.

Speaking of resolutions, about a week into January I started making monthly to do lists of things I should do each month to keep on track with those goals.

As of this morning, I completed 16 of the 19 things I had on my list for January. Some were as simple as “celebrate Mom’s birthday” and some were as painful and time consuming as “clean out second room.”

Still, I feel accomplished. Most of the little things on my list will help to reach the goal of preparing for Baby #2’s arrival mid-March. February’s to doS will focus on the same big goal.

That being said, my writing goals weren’t really met in January. That’s okay too. Baby prep has to come first, and in the past week I’ve made some strides that I think will help me do better in February.

How did you do this month? Did your resolutions fall apart or are you still going strong, or are you like me somewhere in the middle?

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