Dudes with Pipes

And by pipes I mean guys who can sing. For me, there is just something about a good looking guy with a great voice to make my knees go a little wobbly.

Unfortunaltey, this isn’t something you can adequately portray in print. It has to be visual and audio to get the full affect.

So, for your Wednesday viewing pleasure, here are some hot dudes who can SING.

This is brought to you by Maisey Yates. I don’t watch Glee or Matt Bomer’s current show White Collar, but I did used to watch Guiding Light when he was on it, and I loved Ben until they turned him crazy (as soaps are want to do):

In keeping with the used to be on Guiding Light theme, here are a couple of soap stars singing a love song. This was nine years ago people, but I still remember dying a little when Ricky Paull Goldin came in singing. I loved him so hard as Gus. (Skip to 3:36 if you just want to see that, and uh you might want to). *sigh* I miss my soaps.

And Ewan. Oh, Ewan. I couldn’t find a clip from Moulin Rouge, so I had to settle for Emma and Ewan with some unfortunate hair. Bonus: Jeremy Northam!

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