The Good Stuff

If you haven’t read this post from Rachelle Gardner yet, you should. I’ll wait.

It’s brilliant because if you’re a writer, you’ve had to have been there. Where you diminish your accomplishments, think it’s not enough, you’re not enough. It’s so easy in this business to be down on yourself. There’s always someone better, more successful, smarter, etc.

Back in October when I signed my contract for All’s Fair I was excited, but honestly I spent more time belittling the accomplishment in my own mind. It’s only an ebook. It’s only a small publisher. Only…only…only…

What is wrong with that? In two days I am going to have a book published. MY book that I wrote. Me. Strangers will be able to buy it. Friends, family and acquaintances who have never read my writing will have the opportunity to do so.

This is big. This is HUGE. It’s not “only” anything. It’s an accomplishment. And I’m going to savor it.

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