Happy Release Day!

It’s finally here! All’s Fair in Love & Politics has released! You can buy it at The Wild Rose Press or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Cover, blurb, and excerpt here.

I thought I’d share some of the things that inspired me during writing & editing the book.

Here’s my Kapshaw Pinterest board. It includes pictures of what the characters kind of look like, the inspiration of the different places, and even a song I listened to while writing.

Fun Facts: In All’s Fair you meet Doug’s parents, Gabe and Laney. They are the hero & heroine of the first book I ever wrote and finished. It’s a manuscript that will never see the light of day! (it’s that bad).

I do have stories planned for the rest of the Kapshaw siblings, but they’re on hold right now while I work on some other projects.

Lilac Grove was the first fictional town I created back in middle school when I was writing historicals. I totally thought Grove was spelled Groove until some kind soul on writing.com pointed out my mistake. Lilac Groove would be a totally different kind of town.

I hope if anything here piques your interest you’ll consider buying All’s Fair and leaving a review somewhere!

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