Wednesday What I’m Up To

I’ve been redoing my Pinterest inspiration board a little bit because I should be hearing back on two subs soon. Both subs will require writing if they are accepted/requested, so I’ve had a hard time jumping into one project. Instead, I’m fiddling with this that and the other.

They always say the best cure for waiting is to be writing, and I tried that for a while, but I have so many little projects here and there, I just haven’t been able to focus on one thing. Especially knowing an acceptance will immediately change my course.

Over the past four months I’ve been on submission (should be hearing back this week, of course I’ve been saying that for weeks now) I’ve worked the four different projects.

1. If you read All’s Fair you’re probably not surprised to hear I have plans for Doug’s sisters. In fact, I’ve already written Georgia’s story a few times (originally her story came before Doug’s, but I scrapped that idea). In the end though, I just didn’t have e grasp on the conflict I wanted, and as it was set away from the Kapshaw farm, it just didn’t have what I wanted. I decided to put her aside until I know how to bring her story to Iowa.

2. I then started working on what I hope will be a single title series. I actually really like it, but it’s been hard to concentrate on with other things demanding my attention and a conflict that keeps getting neutered too soon.

3. Harlequin Romance had a Fastrack in April and I had a good idea, so I worked on a chapter for a possible story idea and sent it off.

4. The sub I’ve had out for a few months is the first in a series, so off and on I’ve been poking at the second story, trying to make sure I’ve got the motivation and conflict right.

I don’t like splitting my focus like this because, as you can see, nothing really gets finished.

Once I hear back on my main submission, I’ll be able to pick one direction to focus on.

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