What I’m Up To: Focus

Sometimes, in the course of writing you have to wait a long time to hear nothing but “no thanks.”  And sometimes, that can kind of knock you on your butt.

But sometimes, it does the opposite. Intead of kicking the feet out from under you it makes you steadier, more determined. Sometimes that disappointment can help you focus.

I do best when I have a plan. I keep thinking I don’t. Keep thinking plans always get derailed, and they do, but before they head off in another direction, I feel stronger, more dedicated, and work more efficiently when I have a plan.

So, after waiting a month longer than expected only to hear no, I’m starting my writing year over. I have a plan. It might get derailed, but that’s okay. I can adjust.

I will not let waiting udermine me again. New WIP, new business plan, “new” year

Thank God I started drinking coffee.

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