What I’m Up To: Sisters

I’m currently working on two manuscripts, which is a little unusual for me. I don’t usually split my focus, but it’s working for now.

One manuscript features a heroine who has a brother, the other a hero with a brother. Their matches in both are only children. It got me thinking about sisters because the thing is, I have two sisters and no brothers and yet thinking back through all my manuscripts I can only think of one (my first) where the heroine only had sisters.

Sure, poor Doug in ALL’S FAIR is saddled with four sisters, but his y-chromosone is still there, hanging out in all that estrogen. Another manuscript features a heroine with only a half-sister, but also a male cousin who is like a brother to her.

The truth is, I am endlessly fascinated by brothers. I was pretty desperate for my youngest sister to be a boy. I even remember when my Dad picked me and my other sister up from school the day littlest sister was born. He said, guess if its a boy or a girl. “Boy?”I asked hopefully. No such luck, but I guess it wouldn’t be quite as fun convincing a boy he was Elvis reincarnated as it was convincing littlest sister.

Now that I have two boys, I doubt my interest in brothers will change. I love watching them interact now and the baby doesn’t even do anything but smile and watch.

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