What I’m Up To: Scratching My Head

Prior to this weekend, I had a boon of writing productivity. I got about ten chapters written (on two different WIPs) in a short period of time. I was on fire!

And then this weekend happened. Unexpectedly, Hubby and I got to go to two Cardinals games. Sunday we had Father’s Day and a birthday to celebrate. I didn’t have a minute to write more than a handful of words.

So, Monday rolled around and I opened one WIP. Uh, where was I going with this? Opened the second one. Hm. This is good and all, but I don’t know how to bridge the gap between A and B.

And then Tuesday came, and I reread one WIP, and I got some ideas, but the words were hard pressed. I was tired, my kids were cranky. Each word was a fight of both time and mental output.

And THEN, today I ran out of pop. I’ve tried to become a coffee drinker just to cut out some of the sugar, I’ve tried to give up caffeine altogether, but everyone is just happier when there is caffeine in my system. I’m better.

I’m trying to find that mojo from last week, but it’s slow moving. Sometimes you need to take a break from writing, but sometimes it’s the worst thing for you.

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