Friday Reads: Mayberry, Shalvis

This week my reading slowed down a bit. I only read one book, and then kind of skimmed a few books I’ve read before.

When I’m stuck in my writing, I like to skim through books I love because it helps jumpstart the creative part of my brain. Since I was a little stuck this week, I paged through the first two books in Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. The next one comes out next Tuesday and I can’t wait to read it.

Then I decided to buy an old Sarah Mayberry Blaze I hadn’t read, She’s Got it Bad. This book was really interesting. I didn’t really love the hero, and parts of the storyline didn’t hit the mark for me, but the heroine is so complicated and has this dark past I was enthralled. I’ve made it pretty clear I love a tough heroine, and Zoe totally fit the bill. Even when I don’t love a Mayberry story, I’m sucked in. She writes some of the best, most complicated heroines in contemporary romance.


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