Today is my grandpa’s 88th birthday. I’m blessed to have two amazing men as grandfather’s who are both still awesome and with it as they flirt with 90.

My Grandpa Bob is one of the many people who influenced my life. Grandpa had a passion for planes and he spent his life after his military service making his passion his career. He still goes to work everyday. A few years ago he was talking to my youngest sister as she got ready to head off to college. He was asking her what she wanted to do and she said she didn’t know. He gave advice I’ve heard people say before, but my grandpa not only gave this advice, he lived it.

If you find a career you love, most days won’t feel like work.

I was teaching at the time and I did not love it. It sucked my soul dry almost every day. I was also pregnant with my oldest and began to think about what kind of example I wanted to set for him. I wanted to be able to have that career that was a passion too.

That’s not to say I quit teaching right then and there, but I did begin to look at my writing more seriously. I’d always wanted to be a writer, but thought it was a pipe dream. The next month I wrote a novel and I entered a fast track with Harlequin. I got an R&R and it was the push I needed to think I could do this.

Now I have a book out, another with a contract offer, another being considered by a few places. And while it didn’t all start with my Grandpa’s words, the rededication to try and not give up did.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Bob! You’re one in a billion.

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