Friday Happy Dance

I’ve read some great books the past two weeks, but I’m not going to talk about them like I usually do on Fridays. Instead, I’m going to talk about why I am happy dancing all over.

Yesterday I signed a contract with Entangled Indulgence! I’m really excited about this opportunity. I’ve been working on revisions most of the month of June and enjoying making this story better and better with the help of my awesome editor.

Right now it’s tentatively titled Seven Night Stand and should be released in late winter of 2013. This book was a stretch for me because it’s a bit racier than anything else I’ve written. There were a lot of times when writing the first draft I wasn’t sure I had it in me, but thanks to my CP and a story idea, characters, and setting I really loved, I kept on writing, then revising, then submitting.

I’ll be sharing more about Seven Night Stand in the months to come. If you want a sneak peek into some of my inspiration for it (and the second book I’m currently working on in hopes Entangled will want it as well) check out my Seven Night Pinterest Board.

Enjoy the weekend!

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