Fly Over States

One of my favorite songs right now is “Fly Over States” by Jason Aldean. I love the lyrics and the message. Not so much that LA or NYC is bad, I am just a fly over states kind of girl. I’ve grown up in the Midwest and I really like setting my stories here.

It’s what I know. It’s a beautiful landscape. Some people find beauty in skyscrapers and traffic, and sometimes I like that too. But, for me, you really can’t beat a farm midsummer, a cottonwood tree along a creek, a sunset of color over flat, green land.

I was thinking about doing a cowboy book next, but then we went apple picking in a small river town in Illinois and my next idea took root. A series about three sisters and the small businesses they run in a small Mississippi River town.

Of course, I have to finish my Kansan pilot and his movie star heroine first.

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