Six Sunday: Staying on the Farm

I realized I haven’t posted anything much from my first book that came out back in May, so for the next couple Sundays I’ll be sharing sixes from All’s Fair in Love and Politics.

I’ve been talking a bit about farmers and flyover states the past two weeks, so it seems fitting. Though Doug isn’t a farmer, he was raised on a farm (which was what this snippet refers to) and the whole story is set in my home state of Iowa.


“Well, what do you know about it?” she demanded

Doug tapped his thumb on the laptop as it booted up, tried to keep focused, but it was a losing battle. What did he know about it? He knew the feel of dirt under his fingernails and how to jury-rig a tractor with wire and string. He knew the money spent never quite equaled the money earned. Oh, he knew quite a lot about family farming, sustainable agriculture—including that no amount of genes could make it for him.


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