What I’m Up to: Writey Write Write

I finished the sequel to Seven Night Stand over the weekend. It still needs another pass through and some self-inflicted revisions before I send it off, but I’m letting it rest a week or two before I hop on that.

If I were a normal person, I would probably take that week or two off from writing, but nope. Working on a proposal for another category series once I finish the Seven Night Stand group. I have too many ideas in my head to take a break!

The new idea is a trilogy about three sisters and the men who threaten their businesses, and then their hearts. I love that I actually have a tagline for it, even if it is kinda corny. I also love that the heroine in the first book is a ferry boat worker. The more I write the more I find I really enjoy writing and reading about character’s with interesting professions. So, that’s what I’m going for in this series.

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