Sunday Six: First Kiss

Who doesn’t love the first kiss in a romance novel? So much more smooth than in real life ;). Here is Doug and Abby’s first kiss in All’s Fair in Love and Politics


Moonlight danced on his hair and Abby felt her stomach jitter when his eyes met hers. His hands moved to her face, and though her instinct was to back away, something kept her locked in place.

“Doug, don’t—”


But, he did. And while her mind was screaming at her to push him away, the warm skim of his lips against hers kept her from moving. His hands remained on her face, keeping her gently there as his lips cruised softly over hers.


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Six: First Kiss

  1. Really liked this. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a “first kiss stomach jitter,” but you never forget the feeling. Doug and Abby’s first kiss was perfect. Made me smile! 🙂

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