Friday Reads: Quickies

I like to read books in one sitting. Or at least in one day. Rarely do I enjoy the feeling of having to wait. If it takes me days to read a book, it’s usually because I don’t really care for the book.

So, I do like shorter books. I still haven’t gotten into novellas for whatever reason, but a 50k word book is quick and easily accomplished in one day.

I don’t reach for Harlequin Presents often. Not because I think they are poorly done, but because I’m not big on jet set locations and royalty. That’s not a condemnation, that’s a personal preference (we all have them). So, a plot point or a character really has to spark my interest to make me want to read.

When Maisey Yates offered a copy of one of her books on Twitter, I jumped at it. Both because my book budget for the year is now shot and also because the book featured a virgin hero. I’d never read a book with a virgin hero before and I was really interested to see how she’d accomplished this.

A Royal World Apart was full of great sexual tension and a believable backstory on a twentyy-nine year old hero who is a virgin (yeah, you read that right). I finished it in an hour or two and really enjoyed it even though it is not my usual cup of tea.

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