Sunday Six: Complications

The road to love is never easy, espcially in a romance novel. Here’s another six from All’s Fair in Love and Politics, and if you’re looking for more snippets to read check out all the other sixers.


“I can’t fall in love with you, Doug,” she said, and he swore he could hear tears in her voice. “This is temporary. We’re on borrowed time and we have to know that or…we’re opening ourselves up for a lot of hurt.”

Uncomfortable with how close her words were to his thoughts, Doug shifted, tipping her face up to his. Unshed tears swam in her eyes and the emotion squeezed at him. He wanted to protect her, to save her from Grant, from the memories of Meredith, even a little from herself, but she was right.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Six: Complications

  1. Ooh, no idea what’s happening here, but it sounds like it’s heading for sad times! Love this line: Uncomfortable with how close her words were to his thoughts… Very nice six, Nicole.

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