What I’m Up To: Wordy Wordy

I’m still stuck in the middle of my current WIP, but I’m moving forward. I’ve been doing pretty good at writing at least 1k per day this past week, and on the days I missed I made it up on other days.

One of the things I’m struggling with right now is long versus short. In romance there are “category” and “single title” length books. While they have more than one difference, the big one for me is word count. So far, my published and will-be published books have fallen into the category range. Both All’s Fair & Seven-Night Stand fall in around 60k.  My two on submission books are 50K and 75K respectively.

The longest I’ve ever written is 75k, but the WIP I’m working on right now needs to be 85k. You wouldn’t think that ten thousand words would be that many once you get that high, but it is.  Or at least, when you’re writing and want to get to the end, another three-ish chapters feels like thirty. And I’m only at the 40k mark. Usually I’m starting to feel accomplished when writing category. Only 10-20 to go, but being only halfway done at 40 feels… like I’ve gotten nowhere. Crazy? Yes. But, feelings are sometimes crazy.

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