The 2013 Goal Machine

Happy 2013!

I always like starting a new year, making new goals, and getting back to “normal” after the craziness of the holidays.

Of course, with two little boys (three if you count the husband), things are always crazy around here.

I have two main focuses for 2013. Ideas as much as goals I want to work toward.

First, career. In 2011 I sold my first book, in 2012 I sold two more, so I’m hoping 2013 continues to yield more success. I had one release last year and I’m guessing/hoping I’ll have two releases this year.

So, writing wise, career wise, my goals are pretty specific.

1. Write 4-5 books.
2. Sell 3 books.
3. Go to the RWA conference.

Just three goals, which leads me to my second focus for 2013. Simplicity.

In December, I had a long list of writing goals, but most of my problems come from excess. Too much sugar, too many things cluttering my house, too much time on Twitter, etc. So, 2013 is all about simplicity. No long lists, no going overboard. Streamline, cut back, simplify.

So, my life goals are kind of broad.

1. Cut back on processed foods.
2. Cut back on things/clutter. Don’t be afraid to toss things we don’t need.
3. Focus on one thing at a time. (In other words don’t be making dinner, organizing papers, checking twitter, and talking on the phone all at the same time).

So, those are my goals as we enter a new year. What are some of yours?

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